contempt of court? really?

Oh just now i read the article by Arundhati Roy published in Outlook. I am preparing for judicial services for an year. I have been studying law for last  8 years and to be very honest this time ( I love her way of expression) I couldn’t find anything in her article which can offend sensibilities of a person belonging to right wing. At most they can blame her for drawing bad analogy or saying what is not true. But contempt of court? Really? I am confused whether the judges are insensitive (for cancelling Prof. Saibaba’s bail)  or  hyper-sensitive?

by the way here is the link o the article :


Next Step

I had an exam on 20th of this month and I am hoping to clear it. But that would be just beginning. In India these competitive exams consists of three stages. first is what we call preliminary exam. this is an objective exam. four options for each answer and we have to choose one which should be correct. for every wrong answer marks are deducted as penalty. So I am 99% sure that i will clear this stage. and it will take two weeks before result is announced and i cant waste my time till then anticipating and pondering. So I have decided to start preparation for next level. the most difficult and crucial. ‘Mains’ we call it and since result of my previous exam is out i have realized that i need to work on my language and general awareness. so again i will be posting things i read and this time i will try not to just copy paste it. i hope you will enjoy reading too. Lets start.

You Never Change

Few minutes ago, i decided to log out but thought “lets just see what i used to write and feel few months or may a year ago”. And i was stunned to see that i havent changed. Same inferiroty complex, envy, self victimization and laziness. Ha ha. But that proves that there is something really wrong with me. I need to figure it out soon. I just hope that one day i will write a post expressing how i have changed with life. I definitely dont wish to remain the same. Bye. Really important exam of my life.

Clueless as always

Typing using my cell phone. Unfortunately no key in my keyboard is working now. Anywas as usual i am sad and trying to just calm myself. Writing and sharing random stuff seems to give me some peace of mind. Now i have again reached a stage where i am clueless as to what should i do. What i actually like to do. Such a simple question right? But i know answer to this question is really difficult not just for me but majority of people.

U.S., Israeli brands face boycott over Gaza – The Hindu

People are calli[]g to []ycott Isareli products i[] a hope that it would put pressure o[] Isarel’s eco[]omy. Lets see how effective the []ycott would prove itself a[]d whether people of this world ca[] sta[]d u[]ited for a cause. Its time to see how ma[] of us c[] avoid temptatio[] to dri[]k coca-cola thi[]ki[]g that doi[]g same will somehow help palesti[]e. you ca[] call me cy[]ical []ut i guess that same is less pro[]a[]le to happe[] co[]deri[]g that people have []o methods to measure their co[]triutio[] each time they avoid a isareli product []ecause people []elieve  u[]till proved otherwise that their ow[] co[]tri[]utio[] is i[]sig[]ifact give[] where they sta[]d i[] scheme of thi[]gs. This []elief is largely a []yproduct of assumi[]g that our []eigh[]ours are []ot doi[]g a[]ythi[]g.







life is stra[]ge. is[]’t it? at times i try to co[]sole myself []y keep sayi[]g to myself that life is []ot a race. so []o o[]e actually wi[]s or loses. so i should[]t worry a[]out a[]ythi[]g []ut the[] i see people a[]d world arou[]d me. every[]ody wa[]ts to achieve somethi[] which makes you thi[]k that you are doi[]g []othi[]g i[] life. i tried to give mea[]i[]g to my existe[]ce accordi[]gly, mea[]i[]gs which society arou[]d me fi[]d mea[]i[]gful. what am i sayi[]g. i ca[]t simply stay at home. so much []oise. []ow i do[]t k[]ow why i logged i[]. so []ye.

New Turn

Hi again. many more things have changed. firstly two letters in my keyboard has stopped functioning out of sudden i.e. ‘n’ and ‘b’. so i will use straight brackets instead. reader, if any will have to guess. ([]y the way I was usi[]g my o[]li[]e key[]oard while writi[]g this).

seco[]dly, i coul[]t clear the etra[]ce exam so []o mo[]ey is comi[]g my way a[]d my dear father is []ot goi[]g go give me a[]y. so []ow i am []asically o[] my ow[]. right []ow at home si[]ce mother []eeds me []ut will ru[] away i[] septem[]er. so i thought why []ot restart my []log a[]d utilize my time i[]stead of []ei[]g sad a[]d a[]d helpless all the time.