U.S., Israeli brands face boycott over Gaza – The Hindu

People are calli[]g to []ycott Isareli products i[] a hope that it would put pressure o[] Isarel’s eco[]omy. Lets see how effective the []ycott would prove itself a[]d whether people of this world ca[] sta[]d u[]ited for a cause. Its time to see how ma[] of us c[] avoid temptatio[] to dri[]k coca-cola thi[]ki[]g that doi[]g same will somehow help palesti[]e. you ca[] call me cy[]ical []ut i guess that same is less pro[]a[]le to happe[] co[]deri[]g that people have []o methods to measure their co[]triutio[] each time they avoid a isareli product []ecause people []elieve  u[]till proved otherwise that their ow[] co[]tri[]utio[] is i[]sig[]ifact give[] where they sta[]d i[] scheme of thi[]gs. This []elief is largely a []yproduct of assumi[]g that our []eigh[]ours are []ot doi[]g a[]ythi[]g.


Source: http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/us-israeli-brands-face-boycott-over-gaza/article6258866.ece?homepage=true






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