Voting In Maldives

Polling ended in the Maldives, where voters had Saturday made their third attempt to elect a president, hoping to put behind them two failed polls as a constitutional deadline approached.

“Voting was concluded across the country without major incidents,” a spokesman for the election commissioner’s office said.


An election, interrupted

5th Oct, 2013

After a promising start to the presidential elections in the Maldives, the fledgling democracy is floundering once again. The country’s Supreme Court has put on hold indefinitely a run-off that was scheduled for September 28 as it considers a petition by a candidate eliminated after the first round held earlier in the month. Mohammed Nasheed, who was ousted as President in controversial circumstances in February 2012, and is a candidate of the Maldivian Democratic Party, polled 45.45 per cent of the vote in the first round, while Abdulla Yaameen, a candidate of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s Progressive Party of Maldives, was placed a distant second. While the Supreme Court must address any grievances over the conduct of the polls, the delay in deciding the complaint of electoral fraud has given rise to speculation, rumours and political tension. It has also given room for doubts about the genuineness of the complaint. The situation is especially delicate as the Constitution makes no provision for a scenario in which an election is interrupted and the office of the President cannot be filled by the deadline. Maldives appears headinf towards another spell of instability.

Source:  An election, interrupted

18th Oct, 2013

The Maldives returns to the polls on Saturday i.e. 19th Oct, for another attempt to choose a president after judges annulled last month’s election results, deepening concern about political stability in the fledgling democracy.


19th Oct, 2013

A crucial presidential revote in the Maldives was today blocked at the last minute by police, plunging the country into fresh political uncertainty and triggering demands by the leading party for international intervention. Minutes before voting was to start this morning, the Elections Commission (EC) issued a statement saying police had blocked its officials from conducting the revote.