Lebanon seeks help to cope with Syrian influx

Here is a small country, as you can see, marked red in world map. Lebanon! it has taken in by far the largest number of Syrian refugees: Nearly 800,000 are officially registered with the United Nations, and many more remain uncounted. They make up nearly 25 percent of the population.

On Friday, the UN’s refugee agency rightly appealed to European and other states to grant asylum to more Syrians, hundreds of whom have died trying to cross the Mediterranean to reach Europe.

And in comments made by some readers, one particularly strike ‘Ask Saudi, Qata(r) and Turkey for funds’

Source; http://www.aljazeera.com/news/middleeast/2013/10/refugee-influx-strains-lebanon-resources-20131018121452780803.html

Observations: the European countries should actually feel ashamed as they are first to preach morality and last to apply it. Shouldn’t there be a system in place to ensure that all resourceful countries comply with the obligations of Refugee Convention in strict sense of term rather than leaving the matter to be decided as per their whims and fancies. The misery of displacement is more severe, long lasting and demand more timely and effective response.

Regime Change can worsen Refugee crisis

Of the two million Syrians who have fled the conflict in their country, 200,000 to 300,000 have ended up in Egypt. They were welcome at first, but lately they have become scapegoats in Egypt’s latest political crisis, accused of being allies of the ousted Muslim Brotherhood. People say: ‘Why should we help the Syrians, when they stabbed us in the back?’ ” The notion that the refugees are ungrateful and dangerous allies of the Muslim Brotherhood is now widespread. While it was in power, the Muslim Brotherhood espoused the Syrian uprising against Bashar al-Assad, opening Egypt to Syrian refugees. President Mohamed Morsi announced Egypt’s support for the insurgents at a rally during which preachers called for jihad in Syria. In Sixth of October, Syrian families were housed for free in cheap apartments run by a Brotherhood-connected preacher. Egypt has now closed its borders to Syrians. some media reporters have asked viewers directly to attack Palestinians and Syrians in Egypt — have frequently attacked the Syrians on their TV shows, portraying them not only as supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi, but as trying to destabilise the country and transfer the Syrian experience to Egypt. this has gave rise of xenophobia and syrian were attacked by local people. so, some attempted to leave Egypt altogether for Lebanon, Turkey or Jordan, aggravating the regional refugee crisis. There are even those who take their chances with smugglers to flee by boat to Italy. Like almost all other Syrians or Palestinians who lived in Syria caught trying to illegally leave Egypt, they face just two options: indefinite imprisonment or a one-way ticket out of Egypt.

Amnesty International has accused Egypt of unlawfully detaining and deporting hundreds of Syrian refugees, many of them women and children fleeing civil war at home.  It said the Egyptian navy had intercepted around 13 boats carrying refugees from Syria in their attempt to reach Europe. Quoting the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, it said 946 people had been arrested by Egypt while attempting the crossing, and that 724 remained in detention. Last week, Amnesty said 12 people drowned when a boat carrying refugees from Syria sank off the coast of Alexandria. On October 3, more than 300 people, including several Syrians, died when their vessel capsized trying to reach the Italian island of Lampedusa.

Egyptian Govt is accused of a)unlawfully detaining; b) deporting i.e. violating the principle of non-refoulement; c) using ‘security clearance’ as excuse to deny entry; d) splitting families

Source: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/middleeast/2013/10/egypt-accused-unlawfully-detaining-syrians-20131017131249360846.html