New Turn

Hi again. many more things have changed. firstly two letters in my keyboard has stopped functioning out of sudden i.e. ‘n’ and ‘b’. so i will use straight brackets instead. reader, if any will have to guess. ([]y the way I was usi[]g my o[]li[]e key[]oard while writi[]g this).

seco[]dly, i coul[]t clear the etra[]ce exam so []o mo[]ey is comi[]g my way a[]d my dear father is []ot goi[]g go give me a[]y. so []ow i am []asically o[] my ow[]. right []ow at home si[]ce mother []eeds me []ut will ru[] away i[] septem[]er. so i thought why []ot restart my []log a[]d utilize my time i[]stead of []ei[]g sad a[]d a[]d helpless all the time.




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