Juvenile Justice Bill 2015

This is a bill to replace the Juvenile Justice Act of 2000 which was enacted to implement the mandate of Convention on Child rights which enjoined upon state parties not to treat juvenile offenders (person below 18 years) as adults. The Act of 2000 is in line with this mandate but the proposed bill provide a scheme to treat children belonging to age group of 16-18 years as adults on basis of nature of the offence committed and severity of punishment provided thereof. Accordingly offences have been categorized as henious offences, serious offences and petty offences. it is pertinent here to mention that same has been done in wake of public reaction aftermath Nirbhaya case in India in which a juvenile was one of the six accused. And to substantiate its reasoning the National Crime Records Bureau data has been cited which shows that 16-18 year olds accused of crimes as a percentage of all juveniles accused of crimes increased from 54% to 66%. The standing committee of parilament has noted that the said data is misleading as same is based upon FIRs lodged rather than convictions secured. The Bill has  been passed by upper house (Rajya Sabha) of parliament. many have criticized the above mentioned changes in the Act for being violative of Article 14, Article 20 of Indian Constitution.


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Next Step

I had an exam on 20th of this month and I am hoping to clear it. But that would be just beginning. In India these competitive exams consists of three stages. first is what we call preliminary exam. this is an objective exam. four options for each answer and we have to choose one which should be correct. for every wrong answer marks are deducted as penalty. So I am 99% sure that i will clear this stage. and it will take two weeks before result is announced and i cant waste my time till then anticipating and pondering. So I have decided to start preparation for next level. the most difficult and crucial. ‘Mains’ we call it and since result of my previous exam is out i have realized that i need to work on my language and general awareness. so again i will be posting things i read and this time i will try not to just copy paste it. i hope you will enjoy reading too. Lets start.

You Never Change

Few minutes ago, i decided to log out but thought “lets just see what i used to write and feel few months or may a year ago”. And i was stunned to see that i havent changed. Same inferiroty complex, envy, self victimization and laziness. Ha ha. But that proves that there is something really wrong with me. I need to figure it out soon. I just hope that one day i will write a post expressing how i have changed with life. I definitely dont wish to remain the same. Bye. Really important exam of my life.

After A Long Time

Yes! Its been long since i have written something. Life has changed so much. Aims..ambitions..friends..city..environment..food almost everything except my habits and the laziness. I really missed being online. Felt suffocated at times that i was unabletocommunicate with a unknown world wherei can say and write whatever i want without fearing of being judged. (Even if someone judges that hardly .akes any difference.) There are certain thingswhich you dont want to share it withanyoneyou know but you want to say things .. want to be heard. So i really missedthat. Well, right now i am in delhi. As usual frustrated. Because again preparing for a stupid exam. Struggle seems endless. Have exam this sunday. How i wish to run away from all this. I wonder why do i needto do a job. To earn a living. But why preparing for a particular job. For comfort. But why i dont likeit when i think of it. Why it doesnt give me mental satisfaction i crave for? I guess i must just focus. Thats all i can do now. By the way, two years ago worst career option is now best career option. Ha ha. What a turn of events. I am too lazy to work now. Ijust want to clear one damn exam and enjoy life. For sometime. Want to travel and read a lot. BYE. (Abrupt, i know)

Clueless as always

Typing using my cell phone. Unfortunately no key in my keyboard is working now. Anywas as usual i am sad and trying to just calm myself. Writing and sharing random stuff seems to give me some peace of mind. Now i have again reached a stage where i am clueless as to what should i do. What i actually like to do. Such a simple question right? But i know answer to this question is really difficult not just for me but majority of people.

Pak mob kills woman over ‘blasphemous’ FB post – Hindustan Times

A Pakistani mob killed a woman member of a religious sect and two of her granddaughters after a sect member was accused of posting blasphemous material on Facebook, police said Monday, the latest instance of growing violence against minorities.

 The dead, including a seven-year-old girl and her baby sister, were Ahmadis, who consider themselves Muslim but believe in a prophet after Mohammed. A 1984 Pakistani law declared them non-Muslims and many Pakistanis consider them heretics.

Police said the late Sunday violence in the town of Gujranwala, 220 km (140 miles) southeast of the capital, Islamabad, started with an altercation between young men, one of whom was an Ahmadi accused of posting “objectionable material”.

“Later, a crowd of 150 people came to the police station demanding the registration of a blasphemy case against the accused,” said one police officer who declined to be identified.

“As police were negotiating with the crowd, another mob attacked and started burning the houses of Ahmadis.”

The youth accused of making the Facebook post had not been injured, he said.

Resident Munawar Ahmed, 60, said he drove terrified neighbours to safety as the mob attacked.

“The attackers were looting and plundering, taking away fans and whatever valuables they could get hold of and dragging furniture into the road and setting fire to it… Some were continuously firing into the air,” he said.

“A lot of policemen arrived but they stayed on the sidelines and didn’t intervene,” he said.

The police officer said they had tried to stop the mob.

Salim ud Din, a spokesman for the Ahmadi community, said it was the worst attack on the community since simultaneous attacks on Ahmadi places of worship killed 86 Ahmadis four years ago.

Under Pakistani law, Ahmadis are banned from using Muslim greetings, saying Muslim prayers or referring to his place of worship as a mosque.

Accusations of blasphemy are rocketing in Pakistan, from one in 2011 to at least 68 last year, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. About 100 people have been accused of blasphemy this year.

Human rights workers say the accusations are increasingly used to settle personal vendettas or to grab the property of the accused.

Source: http://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/pakistan-mob-kills-woman-girls-over-blasphemous-facebook-post/article1-1245491.aspx#sthash.4DNHtTyt.dpuf

corruptio[] a[]d i[]dia[] judiciary

Karnataka high court judge K L Manjunath – who is being backed by the judges’ collegium for a promotion despite the central government’s opposition – had illegally bought a prime plot from a housing society in 2004 and also presided over cases involving the society.

sources: http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/karnataka-hc-judge-in-line-for-promotion-under-lens-for-land-deal/article1-1245699.aspx