After A Long Time

Yes! Its been long since i have written something. Life has changed so much. almost everything except my habits and the laziness. I really missed being online. Felt suffocated at times that i was unabletocommunicate with a unknown world wherei can say and write whatever i want without fearing of being judged. (Even if someone judges that hardly .akes any difference.) There are certain thingswhich you dont want to share it withanyoneyou know but you want to say things .. want to be heard. So i really missedthat. Well, right now i am in delhi. As usual frustrated. Because again preparing for a stupid exam. Struggle seems endless. Have exam this sunday. How i wish to run away from all this. I wonder why do i needto do a job. To earn a living. But why preparing for a particular job. For comfort. But why i dont likeit when i think of it. Why it doesnt give me mental satisfaction i crave for? I guess i must just focus. Thats all i can do now. By the way, two years ago worst career option is now best career option. Ha ha. What a turn of events. I am too lazy to work now. Ijust want to clear one damn exam and enjoy life. For sometime. Want to travel and read a lot. BYE. (Abrupt, i know)


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