Kenya’s Ruto to cooperate with ICC despite African pressure

Deputy Kenyan President William Ruto said on Tuesday he would continue to cooperate with the International Criminal Court despite a call from African leaders for his case and that of President Uhuru Kenyatta to be delayed. But said he should be excused from appearing in person so that he could carry on with his duties in Kenya. Ruto and Kenyatta face charges of crimes against humanity over accusations they orchestrated widespread violence after a disputed 2007 election. Both men deny the charges and have tried to have their prosecutions adjourned or halted. An African Union summit at the weekend criticized the workings of the court, complaining it had only pursued Africans. It urged the U.N. Security Council should defer the trials of Kenyatta and Ruto under article 16 of the court’s Rome Statute, which allows for an initial delay of a year, or the AU would seek an alternative means of postponement. (Now what are these alternative means of postponement?) For western nations, Kenya is a vital regional ally in the battle against militant Islam. The United States and European nations, who are big donors to Kenya, have so far given little indication of their next moves.



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