My Ignorance


so the marked area is a country of which i was not aware. in case, you share my ignorance, this is republic of Azerbaijan. but you might ask why am I talking about this country.  this country had a president named Heydar Aliyev who ruled the country for about 10 years, and succeeded by his son Ilham Alieyev, who recently won presidential election i.e. in Oct, 2013. But, the election process was criticized by many quarters for not being fair The OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) and the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly found that the election fell far short of international standards.  European election observers announced starkly different assessments.  European Parliament (EP) and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (Pace) praised the election and said they observed a “free, fair and transparent” process around election day.

Apart from this I don’t have much knowledge about this country. Lets see what will be future of such democracy.


you can actually read the related articles, they are useful in one sense but i generally don’t place whole reliance upon whatever is found over internet.

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4 thoughts on “My Ignorance

  1. If by stating that the differing reviews of the elctions might imply that the elctions were free and fair you are ignoring the indisputable evidence of human rights abuses. The fact that some EU observers may have not seen evidence of rigging at polling stations is contrasted by reputable organisations that did. Besides,even if the election was free at the ballot box the violent intimidation of journalists is just one of the many ways that a dictatorship gets what it wants. As the author of you posted a link to I fully support your skepticism of internet sources but would point out that I write a travel blog and the piece was as much about the contrast of the government to the amzing welcome I had from the people of Azerbaijan detailed in the previous post. As a little known country i would rather it was known for its great hospitality than its dodgy government

    • Hello Graham!

      I didn’t pass any judgement or suggested any conclusion. I rather stated what i found. In fact, I am skeptical about its future. Since i was not even aware of existence of country named Azerbaijan, its only natural that i would be last person to pass any judgement over any matter relating to this country.

      By the way, I must thank you for your response/comment, since its first one so far.

    • Ya Sure! Nowdays I am not able to post anything because of ongoing field research I am doing on implementation of PC-PNDT Act, 1994 in India. But I feel happy that some one on the other side is actually taking interest in the posts. I’ll try my best to continue it.

      Warm Regards!

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