Busy Life

first of all, i beg your pardon for not giving you due time. life is so busy nowdays. there are so many things on my list and much less time. moreover this time i had taken on one internship in centre for women and law and doing some field research in karnataka. and since i want to read so much stuff in these months before i go back home, i am dropping my plan for another internship thought that one is an online internship. there is always a trade off as abhishek says. we have to chose one or the other thing and we feel bad for not having the other thing with us. i won’t have the online internship on my cv but if i do this, i won’t get time to study for myself. anyways, now for at least 3 months, i have just three or four targets to achieve.

1. completing my internship and come up with a short report successfully

2. to maintain at least 60% average score

3. to complete course on democracy in coursera

4. to read opeds, new articles or paper on international law and relations.

5. and to read some basic books of international relations and politics.


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