hello folks!

this is my second post and i have one request and suggestion to put forward. since we have limited time and capacities and pursuing different dreams, we may not be knowing each and everything about other’s field, or there may be lack in clarity or problem in understanding. so, what i suggest that i’ll here list out some of those areas which interests me, along with area which i am studying now and accordingly, those who liked the idea, please follow the same. and if some of our interests match (for e.g. if area in which i am working but you are also interested but don’t know much about it), we can pose each others question of week and other person will respond in a way with help some crude examples or stories to make it easy to comprehend. this will keep us motivated and also we’ll be able to learn everyday.

I am currently pursuing LL.M. in human rights, in which we study

1. international human rights law

2. international refugee law

3. international humanitarian law

4. international criminal law

5. women and human rights

Areas i am interested in are:

1. political philosophy

2. sociology

3. economic ( i am really bad in this subject)

4. English literature ( i am not at all good in writing, please do help me)

5. international relations and politics

6. Most importantly, History (all time favorite)

p.s.- this is all i can think of for the moment. I’ll update the list according to my varying interests.


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